EHNOTE provides ophthalmology with solutions, guaranteed to improve work efficiency generally by automating the tasks which would usually be very time consuming.

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Boost Profitability, Productivity and Engagement with Ophthalmology Speciality-Specific Electronic Medical Record Software.

  • Ophthalmology specific case sheets
  • Customised Investigation modules
  • Advance OT Modules
  • Simple to use counsellor modules
  • Investigations through mobile
  • Counsellor modules in Mobile
  • Imaging & Documentation
  • One-Click Patient Records Extraction
  • Well-Integrated Orders & Results Operation
  • Automatic Reminders & Notifications
  • E-Prescribing
  • ICD Code Integration
  • Insurance modules





Doctors Pad

Reports & Analytics

on digital templates

Surgery Modules



User Interface

Mails with Patients

Management application



Booking Appointments

Pharma Module


EHNOTE Custmomzable Work Flows

More Time with Patients.

Less Time working with Technology

A simple and intuitive user interface gives you and your staff an easy-to-use ophthalmology EMR platform. Designed specifically for Ophthalmology practices, the EHNOTE EMR system provides efficient workflows throughout the patient visit – from patient sign-in through diagnostic testing, review, treatment and billing.

practice management software

Advanced Template
Technology increases charting speed

EHNOTE Charting templates are not only ophthalmology specific, but specific to each individual patient. With shorter pick lists and only relevant choices based on the patient history and problem list, ophthalmologists save valuable time during each exam. Adaptive templates empower ophthalmologists to chart faster without sacrificing accuracy.

practice management software

Save time and enhance patient

care with a comprehensive drawing program

Document accurately in less time. The drawing program automatically suggests existing drawings based on findings from the patient’s chart.And It also allows draw directly on patient eye image, instead of pre-defined template.Achieve better documentation in less time, improving patient care and the practice’s bottom line.

Insurance and Billing Module

An Integrated and comprehensive Claim Generation and Billing Management System

EHNOTE’s insurance and billing module contains many advanced features in addition to usual medical billing and insurance accounting functions such as-

  • Practice Management
  • Scheduling
  • Patient record keeping
  • Claims processing
  • Electronic claim submission
  • Receivables management
  • Claims rejection analysis
  • Automated billing code transcription
  • Copayment built into scheduling
  • Tracking

EHNOTE’s Insurance and Billing module helps in faster claims processing, resulting in faster payment and increased revenue.

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practice management software
practice management software


EHNOTE OPTIC offers powerful yet easy-to-use productivity tools to manage optical point-of-sale, frame and contact lens inventory and business development activities—all designed to help your business bring the bottom line into focus with increased profitability.


EHNOTE Camp lets you conduct and manage healthcare camps with ease.

  • Conduct Camps in Remote Locations

    Conduct Camps in remotest of locations.

  • Improved Functionality

    Detailed reports to help you keep track of camp data.

  • Offline Tab Application

    Complete offline tab applications that requires no connectivity.

  • Manage Multiple Camps

    Multiple camp overview from one location.

  • Increased Mobility

    Digital consultations can be conducted from tablets

  • Integration

    Patient data is integrated directly into hospital software.

practice management software

practice management software


EHNOTE provides complete inventory and integrated pharmacy management.

  • Self Registration

    Patients can now choose to self register at the kiosk.

  • Token System

    A token system to facilitate improved patient movement.

  • Feedback Mechanism

    Patients can give valuable feedback in real time.

  • Make Direct Payments

    Patients can make payments directly at the DIGI.


EHNOTE Analytics help uncover ways to improve — efficiency, profitability, patient outcomes and beyond. This, in turn, puts your practice in a better position for long-term success.

medical billing software

medical billing software

Discover Uber Mobility with EHNOTE

Access everything , anywhere

EHNOTE provides high-performance mobility to enable Hospitals/Clinics have an unhindered access to our EHR system through smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

It allows doctors to function with greater flexibility in delivering healthcare services. With our interactive and user-friendly mobile interface, your patients are just a tap away from your professional opinion. You will be able to:

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Create Patient Records
  • Interpret Scans
  • Conduct Investigations
  • Offer Consultation
  • Upload Files
  • Give e-Prescriptions and more.

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practice management software
practice management software

OT Module

EHNOTE has elaborate OT modules that help in organizing and managing surgery patients on a daily basis. The important features include:

  • Counselor module for booking and managing surgery appointments

  • Ease of communication between patients and physicians

  • Comprehensive reports on Advised and Converted surgeries

  • Preoperative and Postoperative documentation as per NABH standards

  • Surgery related paperwork in the form of Discharge summaries, Automated Follow-up reminders & others.

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