ReDefined Electronic Health Record System

Our vision has always been to simplify the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems by simplifying the Doctor consultation. And so intelligent it can take value from your free text and convert them into digital records. With EHNOTE that vision is a reality.

Simplified Integrated Health Care Managment System

Our Simplified Integrated Health Care Managment System suite consists of Online Appointment Management, Practice Management & Pharmacy Management, all seamlessly integrated to work both online and offline.


EHNOTE provides simplified Integrated clinic management system which offers Industry best features like online appointments, Integrated with Patient and Pharma applications, easy mode consultation and analytics for better management of your clinic/hospital.Register here to convert your clinic into digital clinic..

Doctor Login


EHNOTE provides Future ready Pharma management system which is simple to use, highly scalable and designed to adapt to your business needs and requirements. EHNOTE offers separate solutions for Pharmacies and Optical shops. Register your interest here                                                             

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EHNOTE offers simplified healthcare management platform that helps patients to manage their appointments and health records in a single click.Physical consultation and tele medicine with your Doctor is one click away. Register your interest to access the Digital personal health assistant.

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Our Clinic Management System suite consists of Online Appointment Management, Practice Management & Pharmacy Management, all seamlessly integrated to work both online and offline.

EHNOTE Easy Mode

EHNOTE offers Easy Mode Option transforms consultation screen to “Doctor Pad” like platform with out compromising on electronic records


EHnote's team brings in meaningful customization and integration with their convergent thinking for slick process optimisation of clinical workflows.


EHNOTE offers complete mobile solution for managing the patients, appointments, health records and Billings. Doctors can manage their clinic on the go

Cloud Enable

EHNOTE offers cloud based solution which doesn't need any high-end system configuration. Any system with basic Internet connection can start using our application

Patient Mobile App

EHNOTE Provides end to end mobile application for Patients to book an appointment with Doctors and store their health records electronically.

Offline Feature

EHNOTE provides offline-Online solutions for managing the clinic, Patients and pharmacy. Application will automatically sync with online system as soon as system connects to Internet.



EHNOTE Clinic Management System is one of a kind, it simplifies the consultation process and allow doctor to spend more time with patient instead of application.With Easy Mode option enabled, the amount of time doctor spend with system will be less than 30 sec for each patient.

  1. Analytics

    EHNOTE Provides best in Industry Analytics for better management of your clinic/hospital.

  2. Contemporary Design

    EHNOTE considers user experience as highest priority . We use latest technologies to keep you connected with patients with out any interruptions.

  3. High security

    EHNOTE offers top-level security for your data. We are compliant with ISO 27001 and HIPPA*

  1. Future! Ready

    Never worry about not able to catch up the modern healthcare. EHNOTE keep you updated with modern trends and policies

  2. Making your investments count

    EHNOTE aims to make this platform accessible to a multitude of users with lowest cost of ownership.

  3. Amplifies with your business

    Our Dashboard is capable of managing over 100+ clinics on a single effective & user-friendly platform. It helps you to manage all your branches/clinics in one screen.

Additional Features

  • Appointment Module
  • Ocular Examination
  • Diagnostics
  • Lab Test Modules
  • Sophisticated Billing
  • Sophisticated Surgery Module
  • Intraoperative Notes
  • Consent formss
  • Easy Prescription
  • ICD 11 Coding

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